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Nawi: Equatorial

December, 2013

Ñawi is a unique collaboration between established Ecuadorian musicians that brings together three separate projects into a new performing ensemble. This collaboration joins the talents and music from multi-instrumentalists Roberto, Tupac, and Curi Cachimuel, members of the 2005 Native American Music Awards winners for Best World Music Recording, Yarina and Ecuador/US-based musician and arts promoter Alex Alvear (Mango Blue). Ñawi, which in the Native-Ecuadorian Kichwa language means “faces,” presents a new and contemporary vision of Ecuadorian music. The majority of the music is original compositions and offers a unique approach to traditional Ecuadorian music—faithful to its age-old roots but incorporating contemporary musical elements. Ñawi is a celebration of Ecuadorian culture and a wonderful opportunity to witness a wide range of musical styles from a part of the world that has had very little exposure in the region.