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Hernan Gamboa

December, 2006

Despite its small size and gentle sound, the Venezuelan cuatro has a powerful influence in its homeland. Resembling a ukelele, this four-stringed instrument can yield an amazing variety of tone in the hands a a great player. Hernan Gamboa has made it his personal mission to bring this simple folk instrument into the international limelight. His amazing skill and unique "rasgapunteo" technique gave him the opportunity to form new partnerships with other musicians, leading him to write hundreds of unique arrangements and even a score for cuatro and orchestra. Hernan's love of the cuatro began as a youngster. Since his father worked in the oil industry and took his family all over Venezuela, Hernan was exposed to the amazing variety of music that his diverse country has to offer. He picked up the cuatro at age nine, and eventually became a professional musician. After breaking off from the renowned group Serenata Guyanesa, he pursued a solo career. Four decades of performing and writing have resulted in concerts in over 60 countries, more than 35 recordings, and honors from his homeland, including an appointment as Cultural Attache for the Venezuelan Consulate in Miami.