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At Latino Arts, Inc., we believe that artistic and creative cultural programming should be accessible to everyone, everywhere! With most of us at home, observing social distancing, Latino Arts, Inc. is committed to bring the art and culture to you! 

Aun Presente: Community Ofrenda Art Installation
Download Shoebox Ofrenda Tutorial HERE!
Download Day of the Dead Facts sheet HERE!
This year, Latino Arts is celebrating Dia de Los Muertos in new and innovative ways. An integral part of the Dia de los Muertos celebration is the tradition of creating an Ofrenda. In order to celebrate, the families make altars and place Ofrendas (offerings) of food such as pan de muertos baked in shapes of skulls and figures, candles, incense, yellow marigolds known as Cempazuchitl and most importantly, a photo of the departed soul is placed on the altar.

As a way to engage a broader community to celebrate and understand this tradition, we are launching our Dia de los Muertos Virtual Community Ofrenda: Aun Presente. Through this effort we are encouraging individuals to create their own Ofrendas, as simple or as complex as they wish.

*Individuals are encouraged to take a photo and write a brief summary of their Ofrenda and email it to us at or upload to social media and tag us! (@latinoartsinc) Submissions will be featured in our Aun Presente Community Ofrenda Installation in the Latino Arts Gallery and will be featured on Social Media. Submissions should be sent no later than Oct. 30.

Virtual Art Galleries
Enjoy our recent art exhibits by Reynaldo Hernandez and Juan Flores!

Cultural Art Tutorials
Our Managing Artistic Director, Jacobo Lovo, has been busy creating art tutorial demonstrations that are perfect for kids and adults alike to get creative while at home. All projects consist of household materials with easy to follow instructions. All lessons are in English and Spanish accompanied by unique cultural lessons pertaining to each project. All tutorials can be accessed on our YouTube Page! Don't forget to follow us!

View our current project:

Click HERE to view all of our current tutorials!

LIVE Draw with Latino Arts
Recorded this Spring, this library of LIVE Draws with Latino Arts focuses on the art of drawing, covering a variety of cultural topics and subjects. Less than 60 minutes each, these step-by-step sessions will involve a drawing lesson mixed with more cultural context on the subject matter from our Managing Artistic Director, Jacobo Lovo. 
complete tutorial library uploaded to YouTube.

View our current LIVE Draw Tutorial: Flowers of Latin America

Virtual Lotería with Latino Arts! 
Lotería is a traditional Mexican board game, similar to Bingo, that can be played with family and friends! Interested in hosting a virtual game for your group or special event? We are bringing the game to you! Click HERE to access our Lotería website for boards, rules, and instructions on how to play!

Follow Latino Arts on Spotify!
Every Monday, we release a brand new playlist on Spotify! Each playlist celebrates a different genre of Latin American music, ranging from Bachata to Brazillian Bossa Nova, we have music that everyone can enjoy! 
Currently Playing: Bachata