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Join us for Virtual Lotería! 

Lotería is a traditional Mexican board game, similar to bingo, that can be played with friends and family!

Interested in hosting a virtual game for your group or corporate event? Latino Arts, Inc. can now bring the game to you! 


Play the traditional board game of Lotería with your large group or corporation in-person or virtually! The virtual deck of cards is a slideshow that group leaders will use to call the cards and share the traditional saying that describes each card. The slideshow slides can be shuffled with the press of a button for endless fun! 

For added fun, Latino Arts is including three special prizes that will be shipped to the address provided.

Latino Arts offers two loteria packages:
1. The Live Loteria Package includes
  • 40-60 PDF Tablas
  • A personalized loteria card created specifically for your organization and would be featured in all tablas and
  • Live loteria session hosted by Latino Arts’ Managing Artistic Director, Jacobo Lovo, who will talk about the origin and history of the game and share cultural tidbits.
  • Fee: $1,000 
    * Live Lotería Packages will only be offered from May 9 - 20. Book Today!
2. The Standard Loteria Package includes:
  • Game Instructions for Host and Guests
  • Loteria Deck (PowerPoint or Google Slides)
  • 20 PDF Tablas
  • Fee: $250

Interested in hosting an event for your corporation? Please fill out the form below and a team member will be in contact with details! If you are an educator, please refer to our educational programming page.

*Shipping and handling is included for all prize packages


But wait, there's more!

Check out our Lotería
playlist on Spotify

We have the perfect playlist for your lotería party! Created by our Latino Arts team members, Lotería Playlist del Gallo a la Rana is compiled of 54 songs that represent each card. Click the image below to access and download. Don't forget to follow us!