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Join us for Virtual Lotería! 

Lotería is a traditional Mexican board game, similar to bingo, that can be played with friends and family! Beginning Monday, May 4th, we will draw one card daily (Monday-Friday) at 12:00 p.m. CST on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and will post each card daily to this website until we have 10 winners!

How to Play
-Select a Board
-When a card is drawn, mark it on your board
-For this game, the winning pattern is an "L" (left most column and bottom row). Once you complete the winning pattern, comment "Lotería" on Facebook, Instagram or, with a picture of your board!

May 4th Card: El Barril
May 5th Card: El Sol
May 6th Card: La Bandera
May 7th Card: La Venado
May 8th Card: La Sirena
May 11th Card: La Rosa
May 12th Card: El Musico
May 13th Card: La Bota
May 14th Card: La Mano
May 18th Card: El Borracho
May 19th Card: El Diablo
May 20 Card: La Luna
May 21 Card: La Dama


But wait, there's more!

Check out our Lotería
playlist on Spotify

We have the perfect playlist for your lotería party! Created by our Latino Arts team members, Lotería Playlist del Gallo a la Rana is compiled of 54 songs that represent each card. Click the image below to access and download. Don't forget to follow us!