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For Teachers

Students working on a craft together

Group PRogramming for Spring 2021

This spring, Latino Arts is excited to offer a variety of programming for schools and groups! Our goal remains to help bring cultural arts and education to your students and groups in a unique, interactive and accessible way!


Upon receipt of this information, our Events Coordinator will reach out regarding scheduling, payment and next steps. To help manage requests, please complete the form as thoroughly as possible. Thank you!

DIY - Paper craft carnival Masks - Pre-recorded art tutorial


Take your creativity from 2-D to 3-D as you transform a flat sheet of paper into a wearable mask inspired by the colorful masks of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Perfect for virtual learning, this workshop includes historical and cultural facts about the Carnival tradition and the masks that give it its color and flair. This step by step tutorial will guide you on how to transform the provided PDF template into this fun mask.Let Latino Arts help you bring color and fun to your student’s remote learning! 


Spring 2021
Cost: $75 per session for up to 100 students.

African Caribbean Drumming: rhythms from our heart to drums - Pre-recorded


In honor of African American History Month, join teaching artist Babaceeloe as he shares the deep history of drumming in Afro-carribean culture and its African roots.  This unique pre-recorded 1-hour workshop will be interactive, requiring participants to find a beat on any household or classroom item to feel and understand the power and deep meaning of the rhythms that have been part of the culture for generations.


Beginning February 1 virtually on-demand
$ 75 for up to 100 students

Virtual Afro-caribbean drumming - two part build the beat workshop - LIVE!


This unique one or two part guided workshop will immerse you in the process of creating your own drum and then demonstrating how you can create your own beats and rhythms to bring harmony and peace.  Infusing cultural and historical context, teaching artist Babaceeloe will guide you through this one or two part workshop to create a unique experience for students to appreciate the artform of drumming and its historical significance.


May 18-20 between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. CST

  • $ 150 for 2 part workshop. List of supplies needed will be sent in advance.

  • *2nd session can be purchased separately as a stand-alone workshop for $75

Details: Each session will be 60 minutes LIVE over video conferencing.

Virtual Loteria with Latino Arts, Inc.!


Play the traditional board game of Loteria with your students in-person or virtually! The virtual deck of cards is a powerpoint that teachers will use to call the cards and share the traditional saying that describes each card. The powerpoint slides can be shuffled with the press of a button for endless fun! Additionally, the Loteria package inlcudes a second powerpoint that features videos of community members calling cards and sharing their connection to this amazing game!

For added fun, Latino Arts is including two special prizes including one T-shirt and one Colores Y Cultura art Kit. Size requests available upon request, sizes Small - XXL.


January 10th

*The below donation recommendations are for educators and school programming. Corporate Event Donations begin at $250. Please fill out the form below and a team member will be in contact with details!

  • $75 donation for 0-100 participants inlcudes:
  • ALL virtual materials needed to play, 3 Latino Arts prizes
  • $100 donation for 0-100 participants includes:
  • ALL virtual materials needed to play, 3 Latino Arts prizes PLUS 20 additional tablas

*Shipping and handling is included for both packages

Virtual Latin Dance Workshops - LIVE


Karlies Kelly, teaching and performing artist and founder of Panadanza Dance Company will demonstrate to students a variety of Latin Dance genres from Salsa to Bachata.   Students will be on their feet and actively learning the rhythms of Latin Dance along with the history of the origins of each dance. Warmup of this guided workshop is great for the whole family, business or any school group by listening to our Salsa and Bachata playlists on Spotify. This workshop is literally learning in action!


April 14-16, between 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. CST

Cost: $75 for up to 60 people
Details: 60 Minute Live Virtual Workshop

Virtual Gallery TOurs:

Los Rostros Ocultos/The hidden faces

Latino Arts, Inc. invites you to view our latest exhibit Los Rostros Ocultos | The Hidden Faces by Angelica Contreras in this Exhibit Tour! Throughout the tour, Contreras talks about her work and how the relationships between tradition, identity, and pop culture are all fused into her pieces.

Available: Through June 15
Cost: $25 for up to 100 participants
Purchase HERE

Hyphenated Americans

This powerful exhibit, curated by LUNA co-founder Katie Avila Loughmiller, composed of artists and friends of LUNA (Latinas Unidas en las Artes), explores what it means to be Latinx in the United States. Each piece is a personal representation of identity and culture through the eyes of the artist, demonstrating that there is no one-size-fits-all description for the Latinx population.

Available: Through June 15
Cost: $25 for up to 100 participants
Purchase HERE


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2. Fill out ALL fields indicated on the registration form

**Please Note: Registrations are not confirmed until a member of the Latino Arts Staff contacts you and payment is received.

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Teacher FAQs (PDF)

Additional 2020-2021 Virtual Student Workshops

Virtual Cultural Arts Lessons and Gallery Exhibits

Available: Ongoing
Cost: FREE
Looking for more activities for your students? Access our complete Virtual Library of online content featuring two main approaches:

1) Virtual Art Tutorials 

Using a variety of Mediums and easy to find household items, join Latino Arts Managing Artistic Director, Jacobo Lovo, as he shares unique and simple art tutorials that cover a wide range of unique cultural artistic mediums. He will share how to do the project on your own, as well as discuss the cultural and artistic context behind the tutorial. These Virtual Art Tutorials are a fun and easy assignment for students to complete and share their finished product with the class via an online class segment.

2) LIVE Draws

Recorded this spring, this library of LIVE draws with Latino Arts focuses on the art of drawing, covering a variety of cultural topics and subjects. Less that 60 minutes each, these step-by-step sessions will involve a drawing lesson mixed with more cultural context on the subject matter from our Managing Artistic Director, Jacobo Lovo.
All tutorials can be accessed on our YouTube Page! Tutorial topics include, Flowers of Latin America, Alebrijes, Surrealism and Frida Kahlo and More!

3) Virtual Art Gallery Exhibits

View our recent art exhibits by Juan Flores and Reynaldo Hernandez. 

Renaldo Hernandez: 50 Years of Art and Cultural Diversity

Los Hijos de La Tierra/ Children of the Earth by Juan Flores