Latino Arts Strings ProgramThe national award winning Latino Arts Strings Program (LASP) was established in the fall of 2002 at the United Community Center (UCC) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and housed in Bruce-Guadalupe Community School (BGCS).

Created and directed by Dinorah Marquez, this pre-college music training program provides Latino students with instruments, music materials, individual lessons, small group and orchestra, and mariachi ensemble lessons every week, all for a fee of $65 per school year. The program reaches 200 children ages five through eighteen that may otherwise never have the opportunity to receive serious music instruction.

LASP began with 26 students in 2002 and now serves 200 students in violin, viola, cello, bass, and guitar. In addition to giving several solo recitals during the year, LASP students participate in one or more ensembles, which includes a “Latino Youth Orchestra,” one of our four mariachi groups, and varied chamber ensembles.

Under the instruction of seven instrumental teachers, students receive a solid technical foundation and classical training. However, technique development is acquired through the exploration of various forms of Latin American folk music, which we lovingly refer to as from Bamba to Bach or from Mariachi to Mozart.

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Latino Arts Strings Program Application



Si quiere que su hijo/hija sea considerado para participar en el Programa De Cuerdas de Latino Arts, para tocar violín, viola, violoncelo, bajo o guitarra, por favor llene esta solicitud. El cupo es limitado y los alumnos serán seleccionados por medio de un sorteo. En unos días recibirá una invitación a una reunión informativa. Solo los alumnos cuyos padres lleguen a esa reunión serán incluidos en el sorteo. Por favor venga a la reunión y asegúrese que el programa realmente puede funcionar para su familia, y que está consciente del compromiso que el programa implica.




If you would like for your child to be considered to participate in the Latino Arts Strings Program to play, either violin, viola, cello, bass or guitar, please fill out this application. We have a very limited number of spots for the program and students will be selected by lottery. In a few days you will receive an invitation to an information meeting. Only the students whose parents attend this meeting will be included in the lottery. Please come to the meeting to be sure that this program works for your family and to understand the commitment the program requires.



Nombre del alumno/Student name:










Maestra de grado/Grade Teacher:



Nombre de Padre/Madre o Tutor/Name of parent or guardian:






Teléfono celular/Home phone:



Teléfono en el trabajo/Work phone:



¿Por qué quiere que su hijo/hija participe en este programa?/Why do you want your child to participate in this program?





Turn in applications in the BGCS office by Friday September 9th. Late applications will not be accepted. Por favor entregue su solicitud en la oficina de BGCS a más tardar el viernes 9 de septiembre. No se aceptarán solicitudes después de esa fecha.




The Latino Arts Strings Program is funded in part by:

D'Addario Foundation     The Edith Olsen Music Foundation

Helen Bader Foundation     NAMM Foundation   

National Endowment for the Arts     United Performing Arts Fund

Wisconsin Arts Board


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